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All My Loving

Germany 2018 12+ 108min.
  • 07-23-2020
  • Drama

For the siblings Stefan (41), Julia (44) and Tobias (34) life is seemingly alright. Working as a pilot, Stefan has a big apartment, a fast car and many women. However, the disappearance of his daughter Vicky, the result of a former affair, triggers the longing for a more substantial form of love. Julia and her husband Christian are spending a long weekend in Italy to give their relationship a boost. But when a dog gets hurt in the street she immediately shifts her attention to the little animal and obsesses over its well-being. Tobias, father of three kids and married to a successful businesswoman, is finally trying to get his university degree, when his siblings send him to their hometown to take care of their sick father. Once there he realizes his parents cannot live alone anymore, and he is confronted with his own dilemma: will he continue to give himself up for other people’s needs? All three have reached a point in their lives where something has to change, before the rest of their lives begin. Among chaos, mistakes and insecurities they are trying to find their own piece of happiness.


Edward Berger Lars Eidinger, Nele Müller-Stöfen, Hans Löw
Edward Berger,
Nele Mueller-Stöfen
Jens Harant,
Philipp Haberlandt
Barbara Toennieshen