Daaaaaalí! – Quentin Dupieux’s hilarious new comedy soaked in surrealism

Prague, 04.04.24 – Eccentric surrealist artist Salvador Dalí is coming to Czech cinemas in French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux’s new film Daaaaaalí, which paints a portrait of the artist so unforgettable that even Dalí himself would approve.

Distributed by Film Europe, fans of Dupieux’s exquisite absurdist humour and the works of Monty Python will love this twisted and utterly hilarious tale that feels like both a love letter to the great artist, and to dadaism.


About the film

In an intricate puzzle of overlapping dream sequences and unpredictable jumps in time, where the artist himself is portrayed by five different actors, reality collides with fantasy and the director serves the audience a story as original and fantastic as the paintings of the surrealist master himself.

A young French journalist (Anaïs Demoustier) meets Salvador Dalí (played by multiple actors) repeatedly for a documentary project that never gets off the ground. As the artist makes more and more increasingly bizarre demands, the editor has to come up with new ideas to get Dalí to grant her the promised interview. In each of their many meetings, Dalí ends the interview prematurely and demands that the producer promise an interview filmed with "the biggest camera in the world".

"I don't have the genius of Dalí. So my film is, in all modesty, an attempt to pay him the craziest and freest tribute possible," says Quentin Dupieux, who has entrusted the character of Salvador Dalí to no fewer than five actors (Gilles Lellouche, Edouard Baer, Jonathan Cohen, Pio Marmaï and Didier Flamand).

The audience experience is enhanced by the music of electronic artist Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk).

"Daaaaaalí! enthralled me from the first frame. I was fascinated by Dupieux's playfulness, his sense of the absurd, but also by the dexterity with which he weaves the story on several levels, much like Christopher Nolan, for example," said Šimon Šafránek, programmer for the Days of European Film festival

★★★★ "Weird, funny, and absolutely amazing." - Cinema Teaser

★★★★ "Delightful. A film that Buñuel would surely appreciate." - Variety



Daaaaaalí! will be officially released in Czech cinemas on Thursday, April 18th, 2024. Participating cinemas include smaller independent cinemas and multiplexes such as Cinema City.

Check our website for an updated screening schedule around the country.


About director Quentin Dupieux

Who else could have made such a witty tribute to the famous surrealist Salvador Dalí than the French master of absurdist humour Quentin Dupieux (Rubber, Mandibles, Incredible But True), who is also known as the popular electronic music artist and Mr. Oizo.

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