We are launching Edisonline!

  • 04-28-2020 07:15am


The first Czech-Slovak film festival videotheque

expands Edison Filmhub services

at the price of a single cinema ticket

and offers other cinemas partnership, cooperation and help.


Prague based first boutique cinema in the Czech Republic - Edison Filmhub adds the last piece to the puzzle “cinema | café | topic | VoD,“ which is its own definition.

 “The ability to adapt will be crucial in the future. Nowadays, people and the society change many times within a decade. Ten years ago, Film Europe was a distribution company. After launching its own channel it became a television, it founded Be2Can and Scandi festivals and recently it opened a boutique cinema Edison Filmhub in Prague and a cinema Film Europe in Bratislava. Now we are expanding our brand with launching the first Czech-Slovak festival online videotheque. Edisonline is not a panic project springing in the quarantine time, the VoD platform was part of our filmhub vision from its beginning. Therefore we found some advantages among disadvantages and the free capacities were used to the platform’s tuning up,” describes the beginnings of this online videotheque focused on arthouse and festival film Ivan Hronec, Film Europe founder.

The audience of Edisonline is recruited from fans of arthouse cinemas, galleries and concerts with a deeper interest in film and culture in general. Our aim is to provide fans of festival films with an unprecedentedly wide and regularly updated SVoD library for streaming whenever and wherever, on the web browser or Apple or Android gadgets.

The price of a single cinema ticket – 6 Eur / 155 CZK – will grant users a monthly access to the service. On the launch on April 28, 2020 the package will contain 50 films of mostly European production that gained awards at the Cannes, Venice or Berlin film festivals, 12 children films and the access to an online broadcasting of film channels Film Europe, Be2Can and Czechoslovakia (Československo) with hundreds of festival and archive Czech-Slovak films.

Until the 31st May 2021 30 films will be added every month and consequently Edisonline will offer more than 400 SVoD films in the basic package.

Acclaimed classics aside, brand new premieres and bonus content will be part of the Edisonline library, such as selected parts of film discussion programmes Aleš Stuchlý Mental Hygiene (Mentální hygiena Aleše Stuchlého) and Movie Barf Monday regular Edison Filmhub programmes – but also other topic-oriented programmes, whose online character is being developed.

VOD is the last part of a hybrid distribution model, in which Film Europe wants to show its film acquisitions on the Czech and Slovak as well as European film market and accompany the films in their whole life cycle: from its cinema premiere, online showing and rebroadcast on TV, while the time gaps between these platforms will be cut to the indispensable minimum.

Moreover, Edisonline bears also a current economic and partnership dimension: “A month after the closing of cinemas we offer the cultural community some real financial aid. The state of course must not close its eyes to the problem, but we have to be able to help one another as well. Therefore, every 155 CZK that the viewer pays for monthly use of Edisonline will be divided among producers, distributors and the platform providers. 20 % of the amount will be then used as support of cultural spaces affected by the quarantine and crisis. It  will be received by either the mediator of the service sale, be it a cinema, film magazine, school, theatre, gallery, festival or the viewer who bought the service directly and can donate these 20 % of the subscription to his favourite institution. The idea of such microsponsoring is to invite everyone to the film space of solidarity for the 21st century,” Ivan Hronec describes the possibility of partnership and immediate financial aid to the Czech and Slovak cultural space.

 “We have cooperated with Film Europe for years, working on the distribution of TV channels. Now we are adding a voluminous library of festival films. Our task is providing a 100% quality streaming and communication, which is what makes us number one on the Czech and Slovak market. I am looking forward to Edisonline business model and I am happy that this project can help also other cinemas in the time of sore need,” sales director of the streaming platform SledovaniTV Michal Jura comments on Edisonline launch.

A cinema and a shared viewer experience are fundamentally irreplaceable. Edisonline VoD service will be a full-bodied addition to Edison Filmhub and will support its activities in the online space, but also after its re-opening.



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