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We Are the Best!



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We Are the Best!

(Vi är bäst!)

Göteborg Film Festival 2014 - Lorens Award
Guldbagge Awards 2014 - Best make-up
IFF Venice 2013
Zlin Film Fest 2014
Švédsko, Dánsko 2013 12+ 102min.
  • 03-12-2015
  • Family

"Punk's not dead! Life is worth living!"

One of the most distinctive Swedish directors is often marked as the cutest film rebel. International fame came to him with his charming social satires – Show Me Love (1998) and Together (2000), and tragic drama Lilja 4 – ever (2002) about a helplessness of adolescents left at the mercy of modern society’s cruel rules. We Are the Best! again returns to the themes of outsiders, revolt and mutual generational misunderstandings, and brings us poetic comic drama of punk’s immortality.    


Two 13-year-old girls, Bobo and Klara grow up in Stockholm 80’s, and it seems their parents don’t understand them. They feel lonely and angry, wandering aimlessly through streets of town, as they decide to start a punk band, even though they can’t play any instrument. Their “song” about PE and rescue of African children is terrible and they feel there’s need for something more. When Hedwig with a unique music talent joins them, their band and music start to make sense. Finally they can win with their punk hairstyle and beat all the sexist disgusting boys, overdressed flirty girls and awkward parents.


Entertaining and nice film about growing-up and power of friendship received many awards and nominations at international film festivals in Venice, Goteborg, Philadelphia, Tokyo or Reykjavik, and 2014 this movie was awarded also national Swedish Guldbagge Awards in Best make-up and Best Set Design categories.  

Lukas Moodysson Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin, Liv LeMoyne, Anna Rydgren, David Dencik
Lukas Moodysson,
Coco Moodysson (komiks)
Ulf Brantås
Hans Möller
Michal Leszczylowski