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The Virgin Spring


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The Virgin Spring


Oscars, Golden Globe 1961 - Best Foreign Language Film
IFF Cannes 1960 - Special Mention
Sweden 1960 15+ 89min.
  • Crimi
  • Drama

A wealthy landowner sends his beautiful young daughter to bring gifts to their local church several days’ ride from their land. On her way she meets a band of lawless vagabonds who, taken by her beauty end up raping and killing her. Her vengeful father's punishment of her aggressors gives way to miraculous atonement on the site of the young girl's death...

Ingmar Bergman Max von Sydow, Birgitta Valberg, Birgitta Pettersson, Gunnel Lindblom, Allan Edwall
Ulla Isaksson
Sven Nykvist
Erik Nordgren
Oscar Rosander