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All These Women


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All These Women

(För att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor)

Sweden 1964 15+ 80min.
  • Comedy

"A celebrated cellist is pursued by his would-be biographer - and numerous lovely ladies..."

The pretentious critic Cornelius is writing a biography on a famous cellist and to do some research he goes to stay in his house for a few days. He doesn't manage to get an interview with the man, but by talking to all the women who live with him, he comes to learn a lot about the musician's private life none the less. Cornelius then decides to use this information and tries to blackmail the cellist into performing a composition that he, Cornelius, has written.

Ingmar Bergman Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, Eva Dahlbeck, Karin Kavli, Jarl Kulle
Ingmar Bergman,
Erland Josephson
Sven Nykvist
Erik Nordgren
Ulla Ryghe