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The Voice



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The Voice


IFF Ankara - Best Cinematography, Best Music
Turkey 2010 15+ 97min.
  • 08-08-2013
  • Horror
  • Thriller

"How do you escape from something you cannot see?"

Derya works at a bank call-center and lives with her mother. Her routine life is suddenly thrown upside down when she hears a supernatural voice commanding her to follow Onur, her boss at work… As the veil of mystery shrouding Onur’s life is gradually lifted, Derya is also given the chance to figure out some more big surprises…

Ümit Ünal Selma Ergec, Mehmet Gunsur, Isik Yenersu
Uygar Sirin
Turksoy Golebeyi
Mehmet Cem Unal
Cicek Kahraman,
Natalin Solakoglu