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Bergman & Magnani: The War of Volcanoes



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Bergman & Magnani: The War of Volcanoes

(La Guerra dei vulcani)

IFF Karlovy Vary - Crystal Globe (nomination)
Italy 2012 12+ 52min.
  • 09-19-2013
  • Biography
  • Documentary

"The story of the biggest jet-set love scandal of all times."

The war of volcanoes is a documentary entirely based on the rich footage depicting the intense and dramatic love story between the world's most famous actress (Ingrid Bergman), the most appreciated director by Hollywood of his time (Roberto Rossellini) and Italy's most beloved actress (Anna Magnani).

Francesco Patierno Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, Anna Magnani, Ilaria Stagni (vypravěč)
Chiara Laudani,
Francesco Patierno
Santi Pulvirenti
Renata Salvatore