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Here Below



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Here Below


France 2012 15+ 100min.
  • 10-24-2013
  • Drama
  • History

1943, towards the end of the Occupation. Sister Luce is an exemplary nun and nurse at a hospital in Périgueux. Her meeting with a priest involved with the resistance will have a profound impact on her. It is the start of a passionate affair that will cause her to break her vows and leave her convent. But Lucie is too quick to give into her passions and disappointment soon follows. Betrayed, she feels she has been abandoned by both God and man. One morning, postal workers working for the resistance intercept an anonymous letter addressed to the German commandant...

Jean-Pierre Denis Céline Sallette, Eric Caravaca, François Loriquet
Richard Boidin,
Jean-Pierre Denis,
Yvon Rouvé
Claude Garnier
Laurence Bawedin