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Mission London


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Mission London

Bulharsko, Velká Británia, Maďarsko, Makedonie, Švédsko 2010 12+ 107min.
  • 06-19-2014
  • Comedy

"Comedy of tiny errors and fat troubles."

A concert to celebrate Bulgaria joining the EU is being planned at the Embassy in London and it is the job of VARADIN, the new ambassador, to ensure the Queen attends. But with corrupt staff, criminal gangs operating out of the kitchen, falling in love with a stripper and a little misunderstanding with a PR firm that provides look-alike royalties - his simple task turns into a chaotic nightmare.

Dimitar Mitovski Ralph Brown, Tomas Arana, Alan Ford, Ana Papadopulu, Julian Vergov
Delyana Maneva,
Dimitar Mitovski,
Alek Popov
Nenad Boroevich
Konstantin Tzekov,
Balázs Zságer
Marko Glusac